Traditional preparation of Matcha

A method of preparing matcha has been developed in the ninth century. Matcha is portioned by bamboo spoon (Chasaku) to bowl (Chawan), then flooded with water and tamped bamboo whisk (Chasen). It is important to prepare tea with water at a suitable temperature. The higher the quality of tea, the lower the temperature of the water for its preparation. Water should be boiled once and thoroughly cooled. If the water is too hot important components will be lost, and the tea will become bitter and can develop an unpleasant taste. High quality tea brew always at about 80 ° C. If you do not have a thermometer close at hand, here we present two ways: - Each time the pouring hot water into the cold vessel causes it to cool down by 6-7 degrees C. - Leaving water uncovered (in the home) for 10 minutes will cause it to cool down to about 80 degrees.