Matcha is more than just tea, it is still undiscovered miracle.

Matcha, in its best form which is greenish powder is obtained solely from the leaves of Tench. It is used in the original Japanese tea ceremony. There are only 10 certified producers in the world who produce the highest quality Matcha tea. 

Total production is limited to 1,000 tonnes per year. For this reason, Matcha is considered to be the most exclusive and highest quality tea. Miraculous Matcha is produced from the most delicate and best leaves Tench. Green powder is obtained in granite, stone mills.

A method of preparing Matcha has been developed in the ninth century. Buddhist monks (Chang Buddhism, which later developed into Zen Buddhism) produced drugs on the basis of this tea. As it is usually the case in traditional Oriental medicine, Buddhists dried tea leaves, grind them to a fine powder. Then poured hot water to it and stirred bamboo stalk.
Tea was produced in the same way as other medicinal herbs in Buddhist monasteries and greatly consumed there too.